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August, 2012

Back to training with our two Smashball groups after the summer vacation. We're looking for a way to influx new members so the new members can join in easily, but it's still fun for the more advanced members.

July 26, 2012

Discussed the alternatives of a suited Smashball balls with Arie van der Veer (owner Gameballs). Based on our conversation we chose the Molten V5M 2000L. This ball can later be replaced (from level 3 or 4) by the tad heavier Gala V230 BV 5651S ball. Both balls are well suited for the game. Afterwards we put together two starter kits for clubs, to simplify a start with Smashball. This seems a good strive to me, considering the current volunteer problems. Please visit the 'shop' page for the kits.

June 23, 2012

Organised a Smashball Challenge event during the club presentation day for volleyball club VC Detac from Zeeland (Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands), last Saturday. Spectators and interested people had the opportunities to play a Smashball match against our boys. If the challengers won, they could win nice prizes. There were a lot of challengers, but we didn't have to hand out many prizes. Compliments to our boys.

June, 2012

Working on a problem with the methodological build up between two Smashball levels with our members. You only face this problem when you actually work with the Smashball method. Considering the first results of our possible solution, I am hopeful that we solved the problem. Further information will follow.

May, 2012

Introduced Smashball to many children of primary schools Het Overtje, De Vlasgaard and De Wizzert by taking over some physical education of the schools. Children and teachers were really enthusiastic. This will definitely lead to new members the next volleyball season. The first ones signed up already.

March 20, 2012

Had an evaluation meeting with the other pilot clubs in Nieuwegein (Utrecht, the Netherlands). The pilot form of Smashball is a success. Marked time the past couple of months to see the national developments, but we're going full speed ahead now.

March 18, 2012

Commissioned by the Nevobo, lead two Smashball clinics for youth members of volleyball club Were Di from Gemert (Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands) for charity. At the end, one face was even more blushed than the other. A resounding success. The present girls too put up a good fight.

December 14, 2011

Organised the second Smashball tournament with the help of the Nevobo. Again, the tournament was a great success. Click here for more information.

November, 2011

Lead two Smashball training sessions for interested boys in the context of Sjors Sportief. Enthusiasm of all sides. First time boys from other villages were present.A lot of opportunities for nearby volleyball clubs.

November 25, 2011

Organised the first Smashball tournament, with the help of the Nevobo. It went splendidly. A lot of participants, a lot of fun and a lot of enthusiasm of spectators.

November 24, 2011

Was a guest trainer at volleyball club Switch '87 from Milingen aan de Rijn (Gelderland, the Netherlands) because of a cooperation with out of school care. Fun, especially considering the enthusiasm of Cor Boer.

October 27, 2011

Did a presentation with our Smashball boys at VC Unitas in Boekel (Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands) because of the sport presentation day. Considering the large amount of girls present, it might not have been the right target group for promoting Smashball. However a lot of present (volleyball) parents were really enthusiastic. To be continued.

October, 2011

Volleyball trainers are signing up to come and see our Smashball training sessions to see if they could use it for their own clubs.

June 11, 2011

Held another indoor presentation (and tournament) in Millingen aan de Rijn (Gelderland, the Netherlands). There were 25 boys present. Successful event and will be increased.

Smashbal 11062011 1.jpg

May 28, 2011

Gave a presentation on the international outdoor tournament of Switch '87 in Millingen aan de Rijn (Gelderland, the Netherlands). There weren't a lot of boys present, but this was soon resolved by the volleyball managers of Vocasa Nijmegen (Gelderland, the Netherlands) which were willing to play a match of Kaboomball with youthful enthusiasm.

April 17, 2011

As a first in the Netherlands, we organised a Kaboomball tournament. About 30 children entered the tournament. It was a great success and got in touch with a lot of 'spike loving' boys. We are definitely doing this more often.

March/April 2011

Because of the flood of Smashball/Kaboomball players, we decided to split up the training group. 20 boys each. These boys have all become members of VC Detac. It starts to look like a proper boys department. Nice.

February 2011

Neighbourhood clubs (Terraveen, Forzato Combinatie and VC Unitas) came to watch our boys train. They are enthusiastic and will put Kaboomball on the agenda of their staff meeting.

September 9, 2010

Start of training conform the Kaboomball principle. The number of players keeps growing. This will be it!!!!

July/August, 2010

Recruiting potential members (only boys) to train in an adapted way.

March 7, 2010

Nevobo Framing day about the lack of boys in CMV volleyball in Apeldoorn (Gelderland, the Netherlands). Came home with loads of inspiration. The information still has to sink in.


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