The Spike in Volleball: Project Smash! Of 2Basics

The spike in volleyball is by far the most attractive technique in volleyball. Therefore Smashball is mainly based on the spike.

 To link e.g. the playground to the volleyball club, 2Basics, commissioned by the Nevobo is working on a concept named SMASH! as of the beginning of 2013 (for more information please click here). Because of this project many children will want to be introduced to Smashball and volleyball. Based on the first outlines of this plan, we are very excited.

By now several Smash games have been presented. Please read the following game descriptions. The games can be played perfectly by using the Gala Smashball Starter, with the exception of BalloonSPIKE obviously.







SMASHbal (level 1)




Because it is extremely important that Smashball can be played on the school playground at minor expense, we adjusted some of our products. These adjustments warrant regular Smashball play on the playground for only €135,-. And not just Smashball can be played by using this set, it is also suited for badminton, volleyball, foot volleyball and tennis. Now isn't that something? To order this special net please click here, or visit our Smashball shop.

Of course children or their teachers should chalk the lines on the playground, but then the Smashball party is ready to begin.

 Smashbal Funtec Fun Sport Sport Set Schoolplein 4.jpg

For an overview in Dutch describing the ambitions of the Nevobo in which Smashball and project Smash is a part of , please click here.

Project Smash of 2Basics will undoubtedly support the success of Smashball. Of course we will closely follow the developments and present any news on this website.

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Peter van der Ven

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Book Smashbal (now also available in English)

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More Information
History of Smashball, Publication on (website of the Dutch Volleyball Federation)


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The perfect ball for Smashbal Starters.

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The perfect ball for smashbal masters.

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Peter van der Ven

Udenseweg 17 A
5411 SB  Zeeland
Tel: 06-51232179