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During the board congress in September 2012, the Nevobo announced the national implementation of Smashball. By means of four region meetings for trainers and their executives, our beautiful variant was presented to the Dutch volleyball world. Clubs had the opportunity to sign up to be a leading Smashball club (20 clubs in total). As leading clubs they will organise e.g. open Smashball training sessions, open Smashball tournaments and Smashball courses for nearby clubs. Of course this would be supported by the Nevobo, financially or otherwise.


By now, several clubs have made serious progress implementing Smashball. TFC is an example of such a club, but other clubs have a full Smashball department too.

Other clubs (some leading Smashball clubs, others are not) are working hard to create a full department (like Univornus, Polaris and Maarssen). In the course of the 2014/2015 season, the activities of the other (leading) clubs will add up to that. All in all it seems that we will have a major onrush of Smashball activities during the 2014/2015 season, which will really put Smashball on the map.

Because of this, new Smashball developments will undoubtedly emerge soon. It seemed useful to us to create a page on the website for these developments, so you can find this information quickly and easily.

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Per 10th of Oktober 2015:

  • 144 volleyball clubs in the Netherlands (ca. 13%) are more or less working with our lovely variant;
  • 28 Smashball activities are planned in the Netherlands until May 2015;
  • There is a major interest for Smashball in the sports business in the Netherlands;
  • The target group of Smashball will be expanded to 14 to 18 year old boys;
  • In many schools Smashball is offered as a clinic during psychical education.

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Smashball in the USA. We already predicted it, but our variant now really heads for its bright future around the globe.

And the inquiries from America about our variant and the book continue to come.

Nice Smashball video South Dakota (USA)

A call for the Smashball League in the New York region. For more information please click on the picture below.

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Smashball in Canada: By means of our books and help, among other things, Volleyball Saskatoon Association in Canada ran a trial period using our fine Smashbal methodology on four different locations. Saskatchewan Volleyball Association has decided to spread Smashball through the province. This means that in several clubs Smashball will be implemented as a full instrument used during the volleyball education. President Leo van Dam has written us the following:

'Volleyball Saskatoon coaches and parents have advised me that the boys really are enjoying the program.  The boys ages range from 8 to 10 years old and most are new to the sport.  We now have 4 different regions within our Province using the Smashball manual and all are reporting similar positive results.

Our regional Saskatchewan Volleyball Association would like to make this program available to more communities within our province.

 Leo van Dam

President, Volleyball Saskatoon Association

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For further information please click here.

Again two regional volleyball organisations in Canada stated to be interested in Smashball. They have asked us to give input for the implementation of our training format in Canada. At this time were are working on that plan. More information will follow.

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In Belgium there is a lot of interest in our training variant of volleyball. Some of the consequences of this interest:

  • The first Belgium volleyball clubs offers Smashball to their pupils;
  • On the average three to four books per week describing our route are ordered and send to Belgium;
  • Recently we lead a number of clinics for PE teachers in Torhout and Leuven. 95% of these teachers claimed that they would use Smashball in their own classes.
  • The VVB (Vlaamse Volleyball Bond; Flemish Volleyball Federation) also acknowledges the great potential of Smashball and they will be implementing our beautiful variant in Belgium as 'SMASHvolley'. We feel that they are making a wise decision :). Another country that introduces Smashball. Six clinics for volleyball trainers will be organised to introduce them to the sport. Reports will be placed on the download page. Please click here for the Belgian level cards [Dutch]. Let's make Smashball global!

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Other interested counties: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Poland, Singapore, England, Mexico, Burkina Faso and Greece.

Because of this interest, we already know that Smashball will be also be part of the international volleyball training methods. Who could have imagined this success in 2010?

If there are any more developments, they will be placed here.

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Call to volleyball loving world:

We would like to ask your help for the implementation of Smashball in the Netherlands.

The sooner we start, the sooner we will have full boys departments (again). And the sooner we have dealt with the problem with men's volleyball. Furthermore, we will be offering boys a spectacular (movement) sport.

We would like to prevent you from falling in the same traps as we have and we gladly offer you our services to embed Smashball into your clubs in the best possible way. It might seem easy, but in practice it is harder than it looks.

Peter van der Ven.


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BREAKING NEWS Arizona Volleyball Association (USA) is going forward with smashbal as a part of the programm!

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Let's smash global !!!
Book Smashbal (now also available in English)

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