Smashball is pre-eminently a suitable way to interest boys of 6 to 14 year for volleyball. This method uses competition and training methods to make the sport more tough and attractive. We combined our knowledge with the knowledge of the Nevobo (Nederlandse Volleybal Bond; Dutch Volleyball Federation) and this resulted in a very nice volleyball variant. Therefore, the Nevobo announced that Smashball will introduced throughout the country in September 2012.

Considering the ongoing growth of interest for our great variant of volleyball, lots of new smashball developments will undoubtedly emerge soon. It seemed useful to us to create a new page on the website for these coming developments, so you can find this information quickly and easily. Please click here to go to this page.

To increase the dissemination of Smashball, the NVVO (Nederlandse Vereniging van Volleybal Oefenmeesters; Dutch Federation of Volleyball Trainers) devoted 12 pages to Smashball in VolleyTechno magazine number 3, 2013, a Dutch specialist journal for volleyball trainers. A part of this article is an interview with Peter van der Ven, the initiator of this website. Please click here to read the interview in Dutch. You will find other articles on 'information/smashball-downloads'.

A quick impression of Smashball

We are convinced that this clip is very suited for Smashball clinics or Smashball Workshops. Naturally, you can use this for Smashball-like events. Place it on your website and your first players will come running. For the Smashball game rules 2013/2014 please find the animated powerpoint here.

And this one (from Belgium)

And this one (from Arizona USA)

If you are a Smashball fan or volleyball club representative and want to get Smashball updates from the Nevobo or more information about Smashball please contact the Nevobo via .

Recently the Nevobo wrote a piece on the development of Smashball and our joint history. Please click on the photo of this description to read the whole document.

Smashbal Foto Nieuwe VolleybalMethodiek 5.jpg

In my opinion, the following photo shows the essence of Smashball.

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The following persons and companies support the Smashball initiative.

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BREAKING NEWS Arizona Volleyball Association (USA) is going forward with smashbal as a part of the programm!

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Let's smash global !!!
Book Smashbal (now also available in English)

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More Information
History of Smashball, Publication on (website of the Dutch Volleyball Federation)


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The perfect ball for Smashbal Starters.

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The perfect ball for smashbal masters.

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